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Program Management

Beacon goes beyond medical stop-loss competencies providing additional products and services that help augment our partners’ competitive advantages. Additional services available include:

Program management expertise

The underwriters you choose to represent your programs must have a successful track record. As a proven partner to carriers, reinsurers and health plans for more than 15 years, Beacon understands the need for thoughtful, reputable and profitable underwriting practices.

Our underwriters utilize a methodology appropriate for the program being developed. Our managed programs provide flexible underwriting, extensive and accurate claims service along with responsive and transparent account management, keeping all parties involved up to date on the program’s success.

Beacon can assist with assessing a partner’s risk sharing tolerance as well as the selection of an established reinsurance partner. We can also provide guidance and support in the development and filing of contract forms. Beacon’s comprehensive premium and claims accounting and reporting are best in class. Our partners can expect customized service to ensure their business needs are met. Beacon’s focus is on our partners’ success.

Coalition development capabilities

With the ever-changing healthcare landscape, retailers are realizing the role self-funding and stop loss play in assisting clients in bending the healthcare cost curve. Beacon can assist retail partners in developing stop loss coalitions.

Designing and implementing a preferred provider relationship can be complicated. Beacon can assist with:

  • Defining coalition terms
  • Contracting with carriers and reinsurers
  • Managing the quoting and renewal process
  • Customized reporting
  • Profitability strategies
  • Internal accounting controls